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5月 24 2009

Slaughterman, Sydney, Australia

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Slaughterman, Sydney, Australia

Photograph by Michael O’Brien

This Month in Photo of the Day: Images From National Geographic Books

"Wouldn’t be doing anything else," says Rick Seymour, a slaughterman at the government-owned Homebush Abattoir Corporation in Sydney. He started at age 16, washing out the plant after school. Seymour is among the 57 percent of the nation’s work force that holds a union card.

From the upcoming National Geographic book The Image Collection, due fall 2009.




摄影:Michael O’Brien


“我没有其它工作可做。”悉尼国营Homebush屠宰公司的一名屠夫Rick Seymour说。他16岁起就在这里干活,放学后来这里清洗场地。Seymour是这个国家劳动力中加入了工会的57%之一。



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