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5月 13 2009

Plaza, Ontario, Canada

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Plaza, Ontario, Canada

Photograph by Sam Abell

This Month in Photo of the Day: Images From National Geographic Books

I was hurrying to an appointment when something stopped me. It was an austere, brilliantly lit plaza. I took it in, stepped back to include the black edge of the building beside me, and gathered myself to make a photograph. Moments later a woman rounded the corner and completed the composition.—Sam Abell

From the National Geographic book The Life of a Photograph, 2008




摄影:Sam Abell


当时我正在赶去赴约的路上,却还是被吸引住停下了脚步。这里一个简朴、明亮的广场。我把镜头对准了它,并后退以便把我身旁建筑的黑色边缘纳入图中,聚精会神地进行着我的创作。过了一会儿,一位女士出现在转角,我也完成了这幅作品。——Sam Abell



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