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6月 09 2009

Tango, Buenos Aires

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Tango, Buenos Aires

Photograph by Pablo Corral Vega

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A rainy day leaves empty tables, but the show goes on as Natalia Pastorino and Alejandro Nievas tango at El Balcón, a club in Buenos Aires’s San Telmo district. "There’s a lot of sadness in our country," says Pastorino, "but when you dance, you forget. You focus on your partner, on the music. You dance with your heart."

From the December 2003 National Geographic magazine story "And Still They Tango."




摄影:Pablo Corral Vega


阴雨天气使布宜诺斯艾利斯圣特尔莫区这家名叫El Balcón的俱乐部里门可罗雀,但Natalia Pastorino和Alejandro Nievas的探戈表演照常进行。“我们这个国家里有着太多的悲伤,”Pastorino说,“但当你跳舞的时候,你就会忘记这一切。你的注意力都集中在你的舞伴和音乐上。你是用心在跳舞。”



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