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4月 17 2009

Green Roof, New York City

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Green Roof, New York City

Photograph by Diane Cooke and Len Jenshel

This Month in Photo of the Day: Nature

Some green roofs can be far simpler to create than traditional roof gardens. Volunteers from Cook + Fox installed the New York City architectural firm’s roof themselves using Green Paks. The polyethylene bags, marketed by St. Louis-based Green Roof Blocks, contain low-maintenance plants and can be laid out with no preparation beyond rolling out a layer of waterproof material that controls drainage and blocks the intrusion of roots into roof structures.

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摄影:Diane Cooke and Len Jenshel


绿化一个屋顶可以远比传统的屋顶花园来得简单。Cook + Fox建筑公司的志愿者们用Green Paks自己动手绿化了位于纽约市的公司大楼屋顶。圣路易斯公司销售的这种屋顶绿化模块是一个装有易生长植物的聚乙烯容器,不需要任何准备工作,直接铺设在一层用于控制排水和防止植物根系侵入屋顶结构的防水材料即可。


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