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4月 09 2009

Gray Reef Shark, Kingman Reef

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Gray Reef Shark, Kingman Reef

Photograph by Brian Skerry

This Month in Photo of the Day: Nature

Gray reef sharks and red snappers hover above a patch of table coral, waiting for prey fish to emerge. "They go after everything that moves," observed Enric Sala, a marine ecologist on Spain’s National Council for Scientific Research and a National Geographic fellow. Because of their abundance and the resulting competition for food, the sharks and snappers at Kingman Reef, Sala said, "are always on the verge of hunger." Kingman Reef is part of a chain of Pacific atolls and islands (called the Line Islands) that straddles the Equator south of Hawaii.

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摄影:Brian Skerry


灰礁鲨和红笛鲷在一块平坦的珊瑚上方徘徊,等待猎物的出现。“它们跟随任何移动的物体。”西班牙国家科研理事会的海洋生态学家兼国家地理的研究员Enric Sala解释说。因为它们的巨大数量和由此带来的食物竞争,金曼礁的鲨鱼和笛鲷,Sala说,“总是处于饥饿的边缘”。金曼礁是一长串太平洋环礁和岛屿(即莱恩群岛)的一部分,这个群岛横跨了夏威夷以南的赤道。


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