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1月 26 2009

Northern Lights, Trapper Creek, Alaska

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Northern Lights, Trapper Creek, Alaska
Photograph by Thomas J. Abercrombie

Spectacular sky shows brighten the long winter nights for Alaska’s year-round residents. This display of northern lights sets the horizon aglow at Trapper Creek. Stars of the Big Dipper, upper left, wheeling through the December sky, show as streaks in this ten-minute exposure. Residents of the region witness dozens of auroras yearly; those in the Point Barrow area farther north see as many as a hundred.

(Photo shot on assignment for “Nomad in Alaska’s Outback,” April 1969, National Geographic magazine)

北极光,Trapper Creek,阿拉斯加
摄影:Thomas J. Abercrombie

这个壮观的天空秀为阿拉斯加的常住居民照亮了漫长的冬夜。北极光映红了Trapper Creek的地平线。经过10分钟的曝光,左上角的北斗七星在12月的天空中留下了数条旋转的纹路。这个地区的居民每年都可以目击数十次极光;而在更北边巴罗角地区则可以看到上百次。



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